The Good Socks is a student led food-impact social enterprise. With each pair of socks they sell, they are able to feed one person. Everything about The Good Socks is deliberate, from their purpose to their packaging. Socks come sealed in cans, just like food, to bring home the message that with each pair of "canned socks" you buy, a can of food is also being donated to a person in need in Jordan. Their goal is to create a quality Jordanian product while giving back to the community.

The Good Socks are made from 100% natural cotton and feature ironic designs inspired by the Jordanian lifestyle. When you open your can of socks you will find a small message-card and a clothes-clip included so that your socks never get lost. Our socks are eye-catching, made for people who want to make a Jordanian fashion statement while supporting their community.  

When you open a can of socks for yourself, you are opening a can of food for someone else!

Thank you for your interest in supporting a small independent project that aims to recycle cans, make exclusive fun-socks, and feed people in the process. 

You're awesome!

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